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Welcome to


Coolapedia is a "companion website" to - an online catalog representing 1000s of web merchants "coolest products". Coolapdeia gives experts and shoppers free access to newly created product and category information in 700 categories using a wiki format.


The word wiki comes from the Hawaiian word for "fast" or "quick," and it alludes to the place where wiki content can be created. Wiki sites are also often referred to as "What I Know Is," which came after the original naming. Wikis allow people to collect and edit their intelligence in one place at any time (in our case, so shoppers can make informed decisions). Wiki's truly represent the social media foundation of user-generated content and the wisdom of crowds.

We hope you feel very welcome here.

How Everything Works


Cool Products is a new store made up of national brands such as big box stores, catalogs from your mailbox and airplane trips, TV shopping channels and mall retailers. Also included are smaller local, regional, national and some day international retailers with innovative products that offer a commissionable system - all organized into 700 specific product categories. Cool Products is not a store with hum-drum end-cap products. We created this massive catalog to illuminate and centralize products and to support our new and amazing invention Gift Professor.

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We curate this massive catalog by enlisting real people to carefully vet (vote up or down) items within a given category.


We keep the catalog current and growing by incentivizing real people to suggest items to support our new invention.


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Share Your Opinion Here


We're actively looking for experienced individuals to share their knowledge about products with the Coolapedia community. Simply fill out a survey to let others know what you feel are great products and gift ideas based on your experience. We hope this sharing of knowledge provides the ultimate shopping experience, similar to a conversation with a knowledgeable and helpful store associate, but from real users with real experience. Your opinion is valuable to us!
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